Modular furniture system.

Omnimodus style

2021 New Collection


Omnimodus style


Omnimodus style


The world of Tontarelli is growing and we want to share with you the many new and exciting pieces for furnishing the modern home with ease and flair.

Omnimodus: innovation and an exclusive concept hinged on using modular components to manage living spaces, with a huge range of plastic furniture and accessories. Give your creativity free rein to design your own spaces with Omnimodus.

Arianna, decor accessories: tradition, sustainability and creativity combine to make original pieces – the most aesthetically pleasing and usable designs around.

An evolution that has brought a new vision, new beginnings and new ideas.

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Living room, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: living room furniture



Omnimodus is a part of your living room and your relaxation time, making room for your favourite books and your best-loved photos and keepsakes. With a huge capacity – four doors and four levels – the shelves and the practical storage unit will give you all the space you need!

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Children's bedroom, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: furniture for children’s bedrooms


Omnimodus is ideal for any room, but it is a must-have for children’s bedrooms: a space where colour and fun should reign, which needs practical solutions so absolutely everything can be tidied away, easily and quickly.
Omnimodus furniture, robust and easy to clean, is perfect here: wardrobes, bedside tables, shelves and every possible type of colourful storage containers.
With Omnimodus, furnishing a room is child’s play!

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Garden, Omnimodus style

OMNIMODUS: garden furniture



Omnimodus… Al fresco! Functional and attractive furniture for your outside spaces: terraces, balconies, verandas and gardens.
And much more: Omnimodus solutions restore order to garages and utility rooms, thanks to the purpose-designed pieces, with shelves and compartments for everything.

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Technical information


With Omnimodus you can select the furniture that best fits in the space you need to furnish from among the modules available in the online shop. Once delivered, you can assemble them in a few quick steps.

Omnimodus modules mean you can design furniture to work with the requirements of your rooms and spaces. They’re easy and intuitive to assemble and don’t require tools or other accessories.

Thanks to our patented system, you won’t need screws or a hammer, your new furniture will be ready to use in just a few minutes, with little effort and no extra cost.

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Hall, Living room, Omnimodus style

OMNIMODUS: hall and living room furniture


Omnimodus original and functional solutions to furnish and organise whichever space you want. You’ll be able to use the furniture you choose for a number of purposes and it blends in to any environment perfectly. Read on for some inspiration.

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Kitchen, Omnimodus style

OMNIMODUS: kitchen furniture


Omnimodus in the kitchen, the heart of the home, where organisation and ease of use are key to making the space work for every member of the family. Transform your space in a few simple steps: one, 10, 100, 1000, an infinite number of times!

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Bathroom, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: bathroom furniture



Omnimodus is the perfect choice for the bathroom, where everyone starts their day and where managing space is essential. The practical and attractive furniture at Omnimodus lets you find a home for everything, while taking up the least space: cosmetics, towels, brushes, perfumes and more.

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Bedroom, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: bedroom furniture



Create maximum comfort in your bedroom with wardrobes from Omnimodus. Omnimodus solutions let you manage your bedroom so it’s both original and practical. Fancy a change? Have your requirements changed? No problem. With the Omnimodus system, you can reinvent your environment whenever you want or add to it by introducing new modules, quickly and easily.

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Children's bedroom, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: furniture for children’s bedrooms



Omnimodus in the kids’ room with so many practical solutions. As the images show, the unit can be used as a bedside table, with a handy top and plenty of room inside. The units come in three colours and fit in perfectly with any decor theme. They are light yet robust, spacious and easy to assembleChoose Omnimodus and your children will thank you too!

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Office, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: home office furniture



A home office or area of the house dedicated to organising your accounts, using the computer and printer, and storing files and documents. The answer is Omnimodus with its furniture designed for the home office: units with cupboards and shelves that make good use of space and look attractive. It even makes work more appealing!

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Technical information




This label provides more information about the product. In addition to the description and information about the features, size and colour of the item you have bought, the symbols on the label provide an overview of its characteristics.

1 – How quickly each Omnimodus product can be assembled.

2 – The load it can bear up to 40 kg*.

3 – The Omnimodus patent.

4 – How well Omnimodus products withstand external agents.

5 – Tools are not necessary for assembly (hammer or screwdriver).

6 – The materials used are recyclable.

* – This may change for some products or where the shelf is not present.