Children's bedroom, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: furniture for children’s bedrooms


Omnimodus is ideal for any room, but it is a must-have for children’s bedrooms: a space where colour and fun should reign, which needs practical solutions so absolutely everything can be tidied away, easily and quickly.
Omnimodus furniture, robust and easy to clean, is perfect here: wardrobes, bedside tables, shelves and every possible type of colourful storage containers.
With Omnimodus, furnishing a room is child’s play!

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Garden, Omnimodus style

OMNIMODUS: garden furniture



Omnimodus… Al fresco! Functional and attractive furniture for your outside spaces: terraces, balconies, verandas and gardens.
And much more: Omnimodus solutions restore order to garages and utility rooms, thanks to the purpose-designed pieces, with shelves and compartments for everything.

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Bedroom, Omnimodus style

Omnimodus: bedroom furniture



Create maximum comfort in your bedroom with wardrobes from Omnimodus. Omnimodus solutions let you manage your bedroom so it’s both original and practical. Fancy a change? Have your requirements changed? No problem. With the Omnimodus system, you can reinvent your environment whenever you want or add to it by introducing new modules, quickly and easily.

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